A few months ago I made a post about picking up my government-sponsored Estonian e-residency card at the collection center in Seoul. Ever since I picked up my e-residency card at the collection center in Seoul I’ve spent a lot of time researching business ideas, finding a trusted service provider, figuring out where I want to work, and, of course, finding a trusted financial service. Well, the wait is finally over and I can begin running my own EU remote business!! For those in my social circle, I’ve been talking about #e-residency for months now but some of my friends still don’t see much potential in Estonia’s e-residency. Where else can you set up an online business with low cost, low taxation, and minimal bureaucracy?
The Nakdong OÜ(LTD in Estonian) will be operating through editing English text, translating Korean to English, and interpretation. My ultimate goal is to target Korean travel organizations and museums in order to better facilitate clear English information. Those who have been following me on my blog know the kind of posts I produce. They revolve heavily around visiting museums and talking in detail about the history and travel-related topics in South Korea. Even before I migrated to Steemit, I was a member of a local citizen reporter team who marketed Daegu travel and tourism or 2 years. And I’m confident enough to say that my proficiency in Korean has improved over the past 5 years to where I can communicate effectively and professionally. I’m a sole believer that experience, common sense, and knowledgeable expertise are what drive people to success, not certificates and degrees on paper.
I had 3 specific names of my business in mind before I chose The Nakdong. The first one was ‘Do it in Daegu.' However, I thought it would limit my opportunities by having a Daegu-related name. The second name I chose was Woryoung’ which is the longest wooden walking bridge in South Korea. But it’s a bit difficult to remember for those who don’t understand Korean. Also, the romanization could cause a lot of confusion. Therefore, I selected a name that is easy to remember and represents South Korea. The Nakdong (pronounced knock-dong) is the name of the longest river in the country which also happens to run through Daegu. Like this river, I hope my business can help a lot of people sail smoothly…. linguistically speaking.