Who I am

Devon Furbush
Devon is from Texas and he is the founder and owner of The Nakdong. Having lived and worked in South Korea for over five years, he enjoys learning Korean history and helping people communicate. His other hobbies including reading, beatboxing, and keeping up with the latest trendy Korean words. Devon currently resides in Austin, TX.

My non-teaching experience in South Korea
2016-2017: Citizen Reporter/SNS Supporter for Daegu City
2017: Prize for Colorful Daegu Festival UCC video contest
2017: Blogger/translator for MediCity Daegu

2017: Volunteer interpreter at CHIMAC Festival
2016: Actor in two promo videos for Daegu City
2016: KTX Magazine October edition photoshoot appearance
2016: Appearance on KBS 'Achim Madang' special Daegu episode